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by Tom Brosnahan
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The most common view of Hagia Sophia is of its southwestern side because it's so easy and attractive to take photographs of the ancient church from the park on that side, between Hagia Sophia and the Sultanahmet (Blue) Mosque.

In fact, the front, or façade of the church is the northwestern side, and it is from this aspect that you now enter the church:

Hagia Sophia Church: the Façade, Istanbul, Turkey
The northwestern façade—the front—of Hagia Sophia.

To see it more as it was in the time of the Byzantine Empire, imagine it without the minarets, which were added during the Ottoman Empire, when it was a mosque:

Hagia Sophia Church without minarets, Istanbul, Turkey

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Hagia Sophia Church, Istanbul, Turkey
The front pf Hagia Sophia as seen from a minaret on the Süleymaniye Mosque through a telephoto lens.